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ISI Inspection Finds Excellent Pupil Achievement And Personal Development At Princethorpe College

15 Jun

Princethorpe College has received the highest possible ratings across all criteria from the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) following an inspection in April 2022.

The report, which has just been published, consists of two elements, a focused compliance inspection, encompassing statutory standards, and an educational quality inspection evaluating the achievements of pupils, including academic performance and their personal development.

Headmaster, Ed Hester, comments “We are delighted with the report, it is a ringing endorsement for everything we do here at Princethorpe and reflects a huge team effort.

He continues, “Pupil achievement and personal development are the two key benchmarks for any successful school and being graded as excellent in both of these broad areas demonstrates the incredible talent, dedication and professionalism of our staff, the outstanding attitude and approach of our pupils and the support of our parents.”

During the inspection, the ISI inspectors observed that, ‘Pupils have very positive attitudes towards their work and are highly focused in lessons’, that they ‘achieve a high level of results, exceeding predictions at every level’ and they ‘benefit significantly from an atmosphere in school which is positive and one where learning and trying one’s best are celebrated’.

Referencing the extensive co-curricular programme, the inspectors commented that ‘pupils embrace wholeheartedly the many opportunities to participate in a myriad of activities and many enjoy substantial success’ and are able to ‘find their own unique passions and relish taking part in them, broadening their perspective on life’.

Pupils’ personal development was also judged as ‘excellent’ with inspectors recognising that ‘pupils have a strong sense of moral responsibility, encouraged by an environment in which there are the key rules of Be Kind and Do Your Best’. The vertical tutoring system was mentioned with older pupils described as ‘excellent ambassadors and role models serving as examples that younger pupils aspire to’. Looking outwards to the wider world the inspectors found that pupils were ‘active in promoting an environmental awareness, reflected in their Planet Princethorpe project’ and that ‘the extensive range of charity work provides a social compass which guides all pupils in their thinking’.

The ISI Inspectors also noted feedback from parents that, ‘commented positively on the strength of the children’s learning and how this reflected the commitment of the teaching and the direction provided by the school’s leaders and trustees’.

Mr Hester concludes, “At Princethorpe our aim is to create a caring and supportive environment where pupils can develop to become well-educated, articulate young people, ready to take their place in society with a true sense of values and purpose. I am delighted that the ISI Inspectors have so comprehensively recognised this in their report.”

The ISI is the Government-approved body responsible for the inspection of independent schools and they consider every aspect of the provision. 

To read the full report click here. 

The latest report will be published on the ISI website by Monday 27 June 2022.

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