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Emmi Accepted Onto New York Academy Of Sciences Programmes

18 Oct

Princethorpe College Year 9 pupil, Emmi, has been accepted into the prestigious New York Academy of Sciences Junior Academy and onto the 1000 Girls, 1000 Futures mentoring programme. Both programmes offer Emmi the opportunity to join virtual learning communities and work with STEM experts and leaders from around the world.

With only 1000 places available world-wide, Emmi’s selection bears testament to the strength of her application which included an essay on biological engineering and applying the principles of biology to real life situations.

As a member of the Junior Academy Emmi will take part in project-based learning, creating solutions to real-world issues. Emmi will participate in two 10-week challenges working in an international team alongside STEM experts. Emmi’s first challenge begins next week, and she is already enjoying networking with her peers in India and the USA as she prepares for the first project.

As part of the 1000 Girls, 1000 Futures programme, Emmi will participate in one-to-one mentoring with scientists and engineers, take coursework modules focusing on skills such as leadership, communication, and critical thinking and have the opportunity to network with peers and female STEM professionals.

Helen Pascoe-Williams, Da Vinci Co-Ordinator, commented, “It is fantastic to see Emmi’s passion and excellence in the realm of STEM recognised on an international level, we know she will make the most of this wonderful opportunity to further her knowledge and skills. We look forward to hearing news about the challenges Emmi works on and the solutions her team propose.”