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Carbon and Energy Management

Our aim is to improve energy efficiency through our Energy Reduction Plan.

We are taking steps to reduce our energy usage while continuing to explore renewable sources to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The intelligent Building Management System in The Limes reduces the use of energy and, therefore, its running costs, and this system has been duplicated in the new Science Centre.

All playground lighting and car park lighting at Princethorpe is now LED and we are part-way through a programme to completely replace all lighting at Crescent School and Crackley Hall School with LED lighting.

Both Princethorpe College and Crackley Hall have solar photovoltaic panels and we are looking to install more, and to introduce them at Crescent School.

We will be increasing levels of insulation and double-glazing as part of a rolling programme of refurbishment and upgrading.

We are currently completing a new IT server infrastructure programme and we have implemented improved power management on all systems, including automatic shutdown of desktop computers.